Fish and Chips at The Codmother

The Codmother Offers Authentic Fish and Chips, Low Prices

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the four reasons I secretly love Fisherman’s Wharf (they have an antique toy museum!). Today, I add a fifth – The Codmother Fish and Chips. Located at the corner of Jones and Beach Street, The Codmother is a tiny food cart run by a friendly British woman who […]

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A Slow Guide to Getting Around San Francisco

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about San Francisco these past two years, it’s to carry your travel plans lightly. There are many wonderful things about this city, but it’s no place for tight itineraries and expectations of punctuality. For better or for worse, San Francisco is where well-laid plans come to die (or maybe […]

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Red lanterns in Oakland Chinatown

The Other Chinatown – Oakland Chinatown’s Gritty Authenticity

Search for any Top 10 list of things to do in San Francisco, and Chinatown will inevitably make the cut. It’s easy to see why, with its red lanterns, quaint trinket shops, and outdoor markets filled with exotic, unpronounceable produce. But there’s another Chinatown in the Bay Area, one teeming with cheap, authentic Chinese (not […]

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The Peter Macchiarini Steps

Secret Staircases of San Francisco: The Peter Macchiarini Steps

San Francisco is a city of staircases. Born out of necessity as a way to navigate the city’s hilly terrain, I write about the many secret stairways that now grace San Francisco (and occasionally venturing to the East Bay) as part of an ongoing series, Secret Staircases of San Francisco. View all posts in the […]

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